Badri High School bagged the first and third position at the highly anticipated Kidprenuer contest final held on 25th November, Friday, arranged by Tijarat Rabeha, Pakistan.

The first position was bagged by a product called Let’s Date which was a healthy, caffeine free date seed powder to brew a healthy drink.

The third spot was taken by Aish ul Halal, an incredible app to determine Halal and Haram food items in USA.

Special mention was made for an innovative product called H2E, a device to convert heat energy into electric energy.

BHS applauds the efforts of its participating students and the mentors, their teachers, who literally worked day and night to put their best foot forward.





Badri High School welcomed its heroes back from Germany in a grand celebration on Wednesday 23rd November 2022.

They were given a guard of honour and received cash prizes from Burhani Bagh Jama’at at the hands of Janab Amilsaheb Sh. Tayyeb bhai. Janab very graciously attended the ceremony and prayed for the success and betterment of the children and the school.

Abbotabad Jama’at gifted the boys a gold coin each in recognition of their efforts.

Two prominent members of the community, Sh. Zoeb bhai Haidery and Sh. Zoeb bhai Mithaiwala came especially to meet and congratulate the boys.

The three heroes have won a spot for their country in the bronze category in the World Robotics Olympiad in Dortmund, Germany.


Grand Naat Competition on Milad u Nabi SAW

On the blessed day of Milad u Nabi, Friday 7th October 2022, a grand Naat competition multiplied the bounties of the day. The students had been eagerly preparing since two weeks and initially 25 teams from Grades 5-10 had competed for the first elimination round. 11 teams made it to round 2 and the top 7 recited on Milaad day. The judges for the occasion were Mufaddal bhai Siraj and Mustafa bhai Kapasi who are renowned Zakireen and the pride of Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah. Also invited were ex-students of BHS and popular zakireen Taha Murtaza and Ammar Mustansir.

The teams which emerged victorious were Ahmar led by Sakina M. Yousuf (Class 10) and her group, second were Zamarud led by UmeKulsoom Amir and Zainab Murtaza (Class 10) and third was Zainy led by Alefiya Aliasghar (Class 10). The little ones of the Pri-Primary also presented a summary of Rasulallah’s SAW inspiring life accompanied by speeches from the Primary and Secondary students on how we should be following the footsteps of Rahmat ul Lil Aalameen SAW to lead a prosperous life in this world and the hereafter. The two hour program was the perfect beginning to the auspicious day and the children, dressed in Libaas ul Anwar went back to their classes to continue their learning.


Badri High School Qualifies to Represent Pakistan in the WRO in Germany.

The junior team of Badri High School have qualified for the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) finals which will be held in Germany in November 2022, after a rigorous regional and national contest held on Sunday 11th September 2022.

Congratulations to Hamza Sh Huzaifa Haidermoata, Khuzema Sh Taizoon Haidry and Haider Yousuf of the winning teams, their parents and trainers!

Mentored by the Robotics Coordinator Ms Rashida Adnan and trained by a team from Technobots53 the 9 students comprising the 3 teams performed exceptionally well.

BHS is flourishing under the able chairmanship of Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb in both spiritual and secular education.

The entire community wishes both teams all the best. May the trophy be ours!



BHS bags the second prize at EDVON Robotics League

After rigorous preparation since weeks, two teams represented Badri High School at EDVON Robotics League at the Edtech Conference held at the Expo Centre, Karachi.

On Wednesday 24th August 2022 the teams contested with 45 teams from top schools of Karachi to make it to round two with 20 teams.

On Thursday, 25th August 2022 which was Day 2, one BHS team made it to the top 7 and emerged at the second position winning a shield and a cheque received at the hands of cricket legend Shahid Afridi.

EDVON Robotics League’22 is the 5th annual Coding and Robotics competition for school, university, and college students organized by EDVON Robotics in collaboration with ITCN Asia.

The objective of the competition is to spread the awareness on the mass level about the importance of skill-based education all over Pakistan because it is the only way to change the future of Pakistan and improve the economic conditions.


Independence Day Celebrations 2022 at BHS

The school premises was resplendent with the shades of joyous green and pristine white as students dressed in these colours of patriotism came to school filled with excitement and anticipation with their flags and balloons.

The 12th of August 2022, Friday, kicked off with an energetic Independence Day celebration in the assembly in the majestic front ground which the boys of class 10 had decorated with innumerable flags.

Tilawat u Dua was followed by the rendition of Allamal Insana and Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA. Then a series of performances on poems, speeches, skits and heart tugging national songs made the students jump up and down with glee. Chants of Pakistan Zindabad filled the air and after a 1.5 hours of cheer the students went back to their classes pumped up for academics.

School is one of the first places a student experiences patriotism. This pure spirit is fueled as a child grows and learns to love and appreciate his/her homeland.


Academic Year 2022-23 Takes Off

The Academic Year 2022-23 may have been delayed by rain but the start was momentous. The year began with Ohbat Majlis and students performed Matam and recited Shahadat to shed tears on Imam Husain SA and Ahle Bait SA.

This was followed by a prize distribution ceremony to acknowledge the high achievers of the last Academic Year 2021-22.

Brimming with excitement and overjoyed to meet their friends and teachers the students then stepped into their new classrooms. Icebreaking activities took up most of the morning. After break regular lessons began and the students then settled into the routine of a regular school day.

The teachers too were excited because they had come invigorated after a spree of in house Professional Development workshops customized for team BHS. All sections had gathered in the month of June to arm themselves with strategies to make the approaching academic year more productive than the last.

From basics like knowing their strengths to lesson planning, assessment making, parent-teacher interaction tips, brain development and learning through play, the trainers helped the teachers gear up for a fresh start.

Every new beginning brings with it the intention to do incredible things. For teachers the inception of the new academic year is vital as it puts the ball into motion and sets the tempo for the rest of the year.


A Walk to Karbala

It’s a dream for every mumin to perform the Ziyarat of Karbala Moalla atleast once in their lives. This pilgrimage is one of love and devotion where an Azadaar shows just how much he laments over the tragedy of Karbala. It is a manifestation of how he will never forget the immense and incomparable sacrifice of Imam Husain SA.

A group of three mumineen from Karachi made the resolution to walk from their city to the blessed land of Karbala crossing 4000 km in a span of 110 days. Battling the elements and exhaustion Abul Fazal bhai Godhrawala, Zoaib bhai Kuvawala and Zakir Bhai Golakwala reached Karbala and lay their heads on the Zarih of Imam Husain SA. Their neeyat was the Tool ul Umr of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and to offer their condolences to Dai al Mutlaq TUS.

On Wednesday 18th May 2022 these three brave and fortunate gentlemen were honoured by Badri High School with a grand Guard of Honour and a token of appreciation in the morning assembly.

They shared their incredible experience and inspired the students of BHS immensely.


Playgroup Visited Burhani Mahal

This week’s topic in Playgroup was Shelters and Homes. Different types of
shelters and homes for people and animals were discussed throughout the week.
The weeks activities and discussions culminated in a visit to the loftiest of homes,
Burhani Mahal.
On Friday March 14, children went to Burhan Mahal, where our Aqa Moula TUS
lives and give blessings to mumineen.
Children took a plant for small hadiya to present Aqa Maula TUS which is now
hanging in the garden of Gurfah Mubarak. Children did sajda and recited marsiyah
and shahadat of Imam Hussain AS in Aqa Moula’s Bethak Mubarak.
Kids observed the beautiful gardens and pet shelters and fed the pigeons too.
Children received the sharaf to kiss bethak of Aqa Moula TUS. The children were
given salawat milk as they were leaving. One child excitedly told his mother,
“Maula gave me a gift!”
By integrating our cultural values and traditions, children were made aware of our
uniqueness as a community. What unites us all together is our love for our Aqa
Maula Mufaddal Maula TUS. We have the shelter of his blessings over our heads
which protects us from harm.
Other activities that the children did related to the topic, Shelters and Homes:
 camping (in the school premises)
 videos on animal shelters
 Mumin nu ghar (discussion)
 Walk around the school to observe shelters (peoples’ homes, bird nests,
anthills, etc)



The 6th of March 2022 was a Sunday but that didn’t stop us from taking yet another opportunity to pay a loving tribute to Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA on the occasion of his 107th birthday. The day began with a guard of honour to two ex students who are high achievers in Aljamea tus Saifiyah, Karachi as well as the Kidprenuer winners. The combined assembly echoed with the sounds of Rassa in memory of the 52nd Dai al Mutlaq RA and a cake cutting ceremony.

At 9 am the Junior English and Urdu elocution showcased the eloquence of the students of class 5-6 as they dedicated each poem they rendered to the grace, leadership, love and compassion of their beloved Maula RA. Alefiya ben Sh Esmail, Faqih ul Jayed from AJS, an academician and a renowned poetess in English, Urdu and Arabic graced the occasion as judge. Three Yemeni students from AJS also attended the events as guests and enthralled the little ones with a Rassa in their melodious voices.


English elocution results (Class 5)
First Husaina Yousuf
Second Naqia Noman
Third Jamila Ammar



English elocution results (Class 6)
First Shabbir Abbas
Second Insiya Mushtaq
Third Tasneem Huzaifa



Urdu elocution results (Class 5)
First Ummesalama Irfan
Second Tasneem Burhanuddin
Third Munira Shabbir


Urdu elocution results (Class 6)
First Mufaddal Huzaifa
Second Taha Burhanuddin
Third Ummul Kiram Rawat



Traditionally, every year grade X of BHS is taken for a memorable journey to KUN ziyarat. Its not just a travelling experience but a holistic learning and personality building experience. This year’s group was special because there were two batches merged– one batch of 2021 that could not go because of the pandemic and this year’s batch of 2022. The group of 103 took off from the Jinnah International airport at 9:55 am on 20th January 2022 and reached the blessed land of Karbala at night.

As they say, travelling is the mother of all the erudition. Students practically with their teachers learned how to follow the Arkans of ziyarat. From namaz, behori, salam and majlis everything showcased how Muffadal Maula TUS has prepared these young souls. From atraaf ziyarta to hours in the Haram and Imamat namaz–the students did not waste a minute and reaped maximum benefit during every moment of these seven days. As a teacher I witnessed how these students became responsible, confident and managed time efficiently, many a times inspiring the adults.

Students had ample opportunities to recite Marasiyah, giving azaan in the blessed mosque Masjid e Azam bil Kufa and a Majlis that was held in the Shrine of Imam Hussain AS and Maulana Ali SA which was a dream come true. The group returned satiated and grateful in the early morning hours of Friday the 28th of January 2022, where they were greeted by teary-eyed parents who showered the pilgrims with rose petals.

A student at BHS anticipates this Kun safar right from the time he/she steps into the Secondary section. For each group every memory is cherished and authors an important and lifer altering chapter in their lives.


Young BHS Delegates at MUNIK IBA


The students of Grade 10 at Badri High School participated in Model United Nations IBA Karachi or MUNIK, the flagship event of the institute’s Public Speaking Society. Students debated on contemporary global issues on this year’s theme “Impact through Inclusion” in a mock setting of the United Nations.

The 12th edition of the event was graced by His Excellency the President of Pakistan , Dr Arif Alvi on Saturday 5th March 2022 and commended the role of forums such as the MUNIK to encourage discourse and teach students crucial skills including negotiations, diplomacy, and conflict resolution.

This was Badri High School’s maiden participation in an MUN for which they have been training since the last year under MUN Coach Talha Ansari.

The 14 students who represented BHS as MUN delegates came away from the 4 day event more aware, more confident, more purposeful and more grateful to the school for providing them such a life altering opportunity to rub shoulders with peers from other top institutes, politicians and decision makers.


Mr. Australia Visits BHS

This morning Badri High School had the privilege of welcoming to its premises, Mr. Hasnain Valikarim, who was awarded Mr. Australia 2020.

As per tradition a melodious and energetic welcome was accorded through a guard of honour. After Tilawat u Dua Mr. Hasnain, who is currently in Pakistan from Australia on a visit. was welcomed with a bouquet of roses presented by a young student as well as a token.

He addressed the assembly and inspired the students with a few choice words of advice which went straight to the heart.”Respect your teachers,” he stated, “This is what my life has taught me.”

He spent one hour with Grade 10 in class where he shared his mantras about physical fitness. He encouraged these teens to join to a gym and make fitness a priority. In his amiable and humble way he talked about an ideal diet for students so they can perform well academically and feel confident socially.

In this era where physical and mental well being is a priority, Mr. Hasnain’s visit truly motivated the students to become better versions of themselves.




In the previous month, cricketers from BHS participated in the PSSO Cricket Tournaments organized in Karachi, to enhance the sporting ability in young cricketers. There were three categories in which our cricket teams participated, junior, middle and senior. Along with cricket, which is the favorite sport of Pakistan, football matches were also organized. 20 schools of Karachi city participated in this mega Tournament, in all categories, and in both sports.

The word proud might not do justice to our feelings towards our Girls` Team which won the tournament and made the whole community proud. In the football Tournament also, our boys team was able to bring the First Position Medal home.

A brief summary of the matches that we played and won is as under;


CLASS 4 & 5






Runner-up: Badri High School




WINNER: Badri High School

It goes without saying that these victories boost up the enthusiasm and spirit of our young athletes, who are ready to make the community and the country proud.


Effort Never Goes Unrewarded

The English Speaking Drive has been in action at Badri High School since the last 5 years. This constitutes a force of English language monitors who encourage their class mates to converse in English at all times. In case someone doesn’t follow this language code, a penalty is issued which constitutes writing new words from the dictionary or vocabulary from a book issued from the library.

The results have been staggering. Students who have passed out in the last four years reconnect with us to thank us for helping them gain confidence in speaking in the international language. This fluency has helped give them an edge in their colleges and other institutes of higher education.

Initially the rewards of this drive included a speaker of the week from each class whose name was called out in Friday assembly every week and a badge was awarded.

Last year a series of rewards were initiated including a highly popular free canteen coupon which allowed the exceptional speakers to enjoy free lunch.

Since the last two weeks the dynamic English faculty has been thinking of unique ways of appreciating the monitors and speakers. Last week they were given a surprise and taken to a flower show to refresh themselves in the middle of the school day. This Friday this weeks speakers were delighted as they were taken for a treat to a local icecream parlour. Needless to say they were the envy of the entire school.

These small yet memorable rewards go a long way to help students become confident and eloquent communicators.


Badri High School Pre-Primary Sports Day 2022

On Friday, 11th February 2022, the Pre-primary children presented a unique sports event in the Jamea ground. The theme of the event was taken from Kalemaat Nooraniyah:

چھو unique  تمیں

It was a display of what makes us unique as a community; like Faiz-ul-Mawaid-il Burhaniyyah, libas-ul-anwer, Qarzan hasana, saying Bismillah on fish and 100% vaccination. An example of how the children displayed these concepts is the Ashara Ohbat race. The children ran with their small Ashara backpacks striving to reach the majlis before time. In the Hifz Amma Sanad race, the children crossed stages in hifz by collecting stars until they finally reached their destination.

The children also displayed their unique abilities as they proudly flaunted their ‘I am Badrian, I am Unique’ costumes. The spectacular P.T. drills were a showcase of their discipline, teamwork and physical development through synchronized movements with the music and drumbeat.

The most remarkable segments of the event were the Playgroup Obstacle Path and Unplugged Coding by Seniors. An obstacle track was created with tires, rings, cones, tables and chairs. The children were expected to walk, jump, balance, turn somersaults and pass from under the table on all fours. It was a delight to watch the little two-year-olds overcome the obstacles with confidence just like our love for our Maula TUS helps us overcome all obstacles in life.

The unplugged coding was created on a huge grid and the coders followed a set of commands to make a square and a diamond on the grid. The coders exhibited their critical thinking skills as they physically demonstrated how coding and programming through a computer works. When instructions are followed perfectly, the results are incredible, just as when we follow Aqa Maula’s farmaan, we receive incredible returns, here and in the hereafter.

In keeping with the theme of ‘unique’, the program started with tilawat by the nine Amma sanad holders of Juniors and Seniors and the entire Dua was led by the Juniors. The national anthem was played by the grade IV flute band which comprised of boys and girls. Both the fact that they are very young children and that the band includes girls is a first-time occurrence. It was a uniquely sublime experience to listen to the sweetly played anthem by the young flute band.

The event ended with the medal-giving ceremony to the winners of the races.

We thank Janab Amil-saheb-Al-mohallat-ul- Burhaniyah, Mustansir Bhaisahab and Baisahaba for gracing the event with their presence. We also thank Janab Adam Bhaisahab and Baisaheba who are our esteemed parents as well.

Physical education is an important part of the holistic development of the child. Rapid growth and development take place in the early years and it is vital that children are provided with a suitable environment. Opportunities to flex their physical and mental muscles through competition and collaboration allow children to thrive.

May our children flourish under the benevolent shade of Aqa Maula TUS.