Academic Year 2018-19 begins with Ashara Ohbat Majlis 

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The cries of Ya Husain AS filled the courtyard  of Badri High School as 31st July marked the date of the inception of the Academic Year 2018-19. And what a beginning it proved to be.  The day was reflection of the fact that it is the sorrow of Imam Husain AS which is the essence of all knowledge.
Usually the year begins with Darees of Syedna Hatim RA,  Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA.  This year Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb guided the team at BHS to begin with year with Noha and Aweel Majlis as the lives of these Duaat Mutleqeen RA and Mawali Kiraam have revolved around the sorrow and zikr of Imam Husain AS and Ahle Bait AS.
Early Tuesday morning, the students performed purjosh Matam and rendered the heart wrenching Shahadat of Imam Husain AS in Arabic. The vision for the future was cleansed and watered for prosperity by the tears of the students. With Matam these young hearts were purified and opened their doors to let in the light of knowledge.
One of the highlights of the event was appreciating the first Hafizul Quran of the academic year,  Zainab Shk Fakhruddin of class 7. She was awarded a Karbala Ziyarat ticket on behalf of the school.
The Ohbat Majlis was followed by a prize distribution ceremony acknowledging the high achievers of the previous Academic Year 2017-18.
We offer gratitude to Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb who has always made the progress of Badri High School his priority. Despite arriving in Karachi late Monday night Syedi Saheb arrived with his usual punctual precision and addressed the gathering of students to inspire them and motivate the BHS team.
We are sure that with the tasbeeh of Ya Husain AS our entire year is geared towards prosperity and unparalleled progress. With a record number of new admissions this year,  2018-19 will Inshallah be a memorable year with a memorable start!


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