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A Literary Evening at the Arts Council

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The poetesses of BHS acknowledged at the Arts Council

Righty said by Wallace Stevens, a modernist poet and a Pulitzer Prize winner, “Poets are the priests of the invisible”, reflects the true significance of poetry, poets and literature in our society. In a world of robots, electromagnetic radiation, genome editing and many such discoveries, it has become even more important to stay connected to feelings such as adoration, values such as compassion and emotions such as self-love. What better way to sow compassion in the hearts of our youth-the gardeners of tomorrow.

To bring the students closer to literature, BHS organized a visit to “Salgirah Mushaera”- a literary gathering which takes place monthly at the Arts Council, where poets take the stage and narrate their poems about love, self-contentment, social virtues, and ambitions to touch the sky- the kind of thoughts that are needed to be instilled in our youth. Grade IX of Badri High School is already an admirer of maestros like Ghalib, Muneer Niazi, John Keats and Wordsworth. Exposing them to contemporary poets made them even more compelled towards poetry and its richness.

The group included the poetesses of Badri High School, who recently published their first anthology, “Dream come true” and inspired teens all over the country. Umme Hani Mohammad and Sakina Lamuwala of Grade X were invited on the stage and asked to present copies of their books to Dr. Fatema Hassan and the other chief guests and renowned authors, along with rendition of some of their poems. The poets lauded the girls with appreciation and prayers.

Along with the recognition and honor BHS received, students learned a lot of new things including lots of new vocabulary, body language of the poets when they narrated a piece of their work, pronunciation and so much more. The kind of eagerness demonstrated by the students ignites the hope of witnessing a society where literature and its values are appreciated in the near future.

The poet Fazil Jamili asks the girls for a signed copy of their anthology
All smiles after attending their first Mushaira
Reveling in the beauty of Urdu Poetry

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