A Coming-Together to Foster Learning

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While the teachers remained neck-deep in result making and planning for the second term, everyone was thrilled to attend the special in-house training session arranged on Thursday 28th December 2017.

Janab Sh Hatim Gulam Abbasbhai from Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Karachi inspired the team at BHS with a one hour session on Teaching in the Light of Wahye (Revelation). He shared his experience in teaching Uloom Kauneya (exact sciences) and reminded the teachers that the aim of education is to recognize and acknowledge the existence of Allah and offer gratitude to him. He spoke at length about referring to the Quran-the fountainhead of knowledge- to begin each lesson. He also shared a few handouts of Science lessons from the Uloome Kawneya books which opened up new horizons for the BHS facilitators.

This engrossing session was followed by a half an hour talk by Janab Sh Mustafa Hakimuddin, Principal of Saifiya Girls School, on the use of Butterfly EduFields’ STEM LEARNING SCIENCE KITS, which are being used in 9000+ schools by 11,00,000+ students. He generously shared his thoughts on how the use of these hands-on kits has revolutionised the manner of imparting knowledge at SGS.

This valuable twin in-house session aimed to help incorporate Muntalaqe Islami as well as STEM education in classroom teaching enabling our facilitators to create a perfect balance of Deen and Duniya.

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