Juniors set up the ‘Juniors’ Flower Shop’

The Montessori Juniors set up a ‘Flower Shop’ today as part of their dramatic play experience.

The flower shop boasted of a vibrant display of flowers neatly organized according to colour with the cash counter at one end and a bouquet service at the other, where you could get your flowers tied with a lovely ribbon or arranged into a flower pot. Special delivery was made on the tricycle to nearby areas like the library and office.

The children used coloured pencils to make out the slips. How important they felt as they chose the correct pencil and wrote down the number of flowers required! The air of excitement, the children’s involvement and their obvious pleasure in the activity was a delight to see.

We thank our valued ‘customers’ (students and teachers) as they all helped to make this activity a success.

We wish a  very happy birthday to Ms. Fatema’s mother. We hope she likes the special flower bouquet from the Juniors’ Flower Shop.

Dramatic Play involves acting out real-world situations and taking on the roles of different characters. It is an integral part of the developmental learning process as it gives children an opportunity to apply learned skills and develop new skills in the process.



The Environmental Pollution & It’s Effects On Marine Life – Badrian, The Change Makers

The students of classes 4 A & B have learnt about ” The Environmental Pollution & It’s Effects On Marine Life” in Science and Social Studies. To implement their learning, they went to the sea shore, and set an example as ” Badrian, The Change Makers” by cleaning a part of the beach and kept a message of their learning in the form of posters there, for other visitors.


Students think out of the box with the GSEA National Science Contest

25 students from Class 6 and 7 of Badri High School participated in the Third National Science Contest organized by GSEA—Global System for Educational Assessment.  The aim of this national level contest was to expose the students to a test which would spark their curiosity and help challenge them to think out of the box.

The 90 minute test taken in school premises encouraged critical thinking with speed and accuracy. Honing these life skills is certainly the prime objective of every educational institute and this is the reason Badri High School encourages participation in such competitive ventures.

Sir Ibrahim Shabbir, the Science teacher, had been working with the participants since the last two weeks to increase their General Knowledge of Scientific concepts and prepare them to appear in the test which follows the pattern of international standard tests.

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